How has software effected your songwriting?

There have been many advances in digital music technology in the past decade but has it had a positive effect on your music? You can create a song and by using digital instruments, midi and other tools immediately produce audio that resembles your idea in a matter of minutes, but does this [...]

Basic music production for great recordings

Music production can encompass everything from the layout and progression of the song to the specific sound of each instrument on each track  So how can you use music production to make a good song great?
My goal when producing a track is to capture the feel of the song and to present it in [...]

Simple Feedback Trainer, A tool for the common live mixing problem of feedback.

Here is a handy little tool I found that is used for training yourself to hear common feedback frequencies. Simply go here to see screen shots and the download area. It is very easy to use and takes up very little computer resources.

APRA course at the Beach studio in Calgary. A student review and testimonial

Recently I have had many inquiries regarding the course available at the beach called APRA, or the Academy of Production and Recording Arts.
I thought that I would take some time to share my experience at APRA so that prospective students can make informed decisions about their audio futures.
Firstly, I think it is beneficial to talk [...]

Chinook Learning Services Audio Production and Recording Course Content

Here is a breakdown of some of the topics covered in the Audio Production and Recording course I developed for Chinook Learning Services.
Day 1
- What is sound?
- How do we perceive it?
- What are its properties and how does the environment effect it?
- How do you take care of your ears?
- Hearing loss and precautions
- [...]

Smart Homes Inc Web Design Update

Case Study
Smart Homes Inc

The Company
Smart Homes Inc facilitates lease to own programs for people who wish to purchase there own home but may not be able to place the initial deposit.
The requirements
When Dan Wakeling, the entrepreneur behind smart homes, approached me to develop his web page he faced many of the same problems that start [...]

Audio Recording & Production Course Through Chinook Learning

This Saturday (February 21st) I will commence the second run of the audio recording and production course I developed for Chinook learning services.
I am very excited to meet my new students and look forward to sharing my joy of audio production with them. The course has evolved slightly from the last run, [...]

The Old Neighbourhood

A company of rogues actors studio and Trepan theatre company has recently hired giant spheres to create the sound design for David Mamet’s the old neighborhood which will be playing at the pumphouse theatre in Calgary starting on March 18th.¬† peice has a very distinct feel so I am planning on [...]

Welcome to the Giant Spheres Web Log

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