Loves Labours Lost – Sound Design

Below are some of my sound cues for the upcoming theatre production of Shakespeare’s Loves Labours Lost.
Many of my favorite compositions were too long for the production as the scene changes in the play are so short.
I am pleased with the feeling of the audio within the context of the play and have had the [...]

Leap by Rick Smith – Book Review

The premise of Leap by Rick Smith is that most people who have achieved great things did not  leap into their ventures with great risk, but tended to keep one foot on stable ground while moving slowly towards their goals. “The leap I’m writing about here is precisely the opposite. It’s about knowing ‘before’ you [...]

How to organize your time with a handy to-do list

A quick tip for organizing your time is to make a to do list with four columns.  The first column is to be written every evening or at the end of your work day.  The other three are to be written by the week, month or as you think of them respectively.
Below is an example [...]

Publish and Prosper Blogging for your Business by DL Byron & Steve Broback -Review

Publish an prosper blogging for your business is a quick read that somehow already feels dated event though it was only published in 2006. (That’s the Internet for you.)
Many of the ideas in this book have been explored extensively on the web.  (As has everything else.)
I think if one were to read this book 10 [...]