Twitter Power by Joel Comm – Book review

A quick book review of Twitter Power by Joel Comm
Writing a book about twitter must be a challenge considering how temporary things are on the internet. Joel Comm the author of Twitter Power succeeds in his pursuit by being completely up to date at the time of it’s writing. He also wrote in a [...]

Why should my business tweet?

In this article you will find answers to these questions; what is twitter?, how is it used?, why should I use it?.
Here are some more benefits of tweeting for your business.
- It takes very little time.
- Makes you look like an expert.
- Provides another way to connect to potential customers.
- Is more personal.
- Could be [...]

Guerrilla Marketing on the internet – Book Review

I wish I had the time to implement all of the ideas listed in guerilla marketing.
I found this book extremely useful, especially for creating good copy. The authors inspired me to rephrase many of the informational areas of my page to make them more exciting and enticing. They encouraged me to write more [...]

Trust Agents – A Book Review

If you are looking to learn about social media from the viewpoint of books like think and grow rich and the power of positive thinking then check out trust agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. The book crosses genres by putting the ideas from positive thinking books through a social media filter. [...]